Kanye West has been riding the wave of his latest album 'The Life of Pablo, and continues on with performances and pop-up shops, with the latest one being placed in Paris. In the past, West has taken to songs like "New Slaves" to express his frustrations with classism and how it affects him and others personally. Despite that, West continues on with pushing expensive and hard-to-get sneakers and clothing that are far from any price point that his core fan can afford.

Critics have gone at West about the discrepancy with what he says and actually does, and now a graffiti artist by the name of Kidult has literally drawn their opinion on to the front of the Pablo pop-up shop. In the past, the graffiti artist made it known that they don't care for the fashion industry or the way people consume fashion, and has shown disinterest by vandalizing stores like Louis Vuitton, Celine, Marc Jacobs, and more. The graffiti artist sprayed the phrase "Real Slaves" across the front windows of West's pop-up shop, which is a reference to his song "New Slaves" that speaks on consumerism. Although the entire front of the store was vandalized, fans still made their way to purchase pieces from West's exclusive shop.

Source: esquire.com