50 Cent attacked Puff Daddy in a string of Instagram posts this week which showed that many of Bad Boy’s former artists made major life changes after working with the label’s head.

50 Cent alluded to Loon, Ma$e, G Dep, Shyne and even the Notorious B.I.G. “dancing with the devil.” The posts appear to be promo for his EFFEN Vodka brand which he markets by competing fiercely with Puffy’s Ciroc. However, the “I’m the Man” rapper took it pretty far this time. “BIG DEAD, after dancing with the Devil,” he wrote. “G-Dep After dancing the the Devil. Got high walked into a police station and confessed to shooting a man 16 years earlier. now serving 15 to life, where they do that at?” He even posted pictures of Ma$e, Loon, and Shyne dressed in their religious attire. Ma$e left Bad Boy to be a pastor, Shyne became an orthodox Jew after going to prison, and Loon has become a committed Muslim since leaving Bad Boy. 50 also wrote a post for Craig Mack who he said was “beat out the money” by Puff. Mack now lives in a South Carolina commune and recently resurfaced in a church video.

Source: instagram.com