Rocko filed a lawsuit against Future, as he claims that the rapper breached his contract. According to TMZ, Future signed a deal with Rocko's A1 Recordings in 2011, and he allegedly agreed to put out 6 albums with the label.

Epic Records reportedly signed on to distribute the albums, and Future signed a multi-million dollar deal with the label, and Rocko believes he should get a 25% cut. Rocko also said he's owed a 20% cut of all of Future's touring and endorsements, adding that he believes he's owed over $10 million.

A few years back, Rocko spoke exclusively with VladTV about Future's deal with A1 Recordings, which he signed in 2010. He also revealed that Future came to him to work on music, as Rocko said, "He just wanted somebody to believe in him." Check out the full interview up top.  

Source: TMZ