Cam’ron has been bragging about creating his own pink color with Pantone for his new Reebok sneaker, and the rapper even contemplated using it for his upcoming toilet tissue brand. 

The rapper was speaking with Shade 45 this week where he discussed the possibilities that come with owning your own color. He also touched on why he’s created so many different products, from shower curtains to cereal, and revealed what’s next up his sleeve. “Now I want to do stuff that people don’t have an option for. I’m looking into making toilet paper. Because toilet paper, it’s not an option. Unless you a bum and you use newspaper or something, It’s not an option,” said Cam’ron. “It’s a option if you wanna drive a car. It’s a option if you want to use a straw. It’s a option if you want to wear a pair of Nike’s. But you gotta wipe your ass man.”

Going forward, Killa wants to make products that people have to use each and every day and is already looking into a machine to manufacture toilet tissue which he said starts at $12,000. He’s ready to compete with the big brands like Scott. Cam’ron even contemplated using his pink for the new tissue, but decided against it after researching why colored toilet paper left the market. “I even did the due diligence, because I was looking at doing the pink toilet paper and I’m sitting there saying when I was younger [there was] pink and blue toilet paper when I was little,” he said. “I did the due diligence, that die was f**king n***as up. That’s why everything is white now. N***as was starting to sue over that.”

Hear Cam talk about his toilet paper at the 12:45 mark.