Boosie Badazz welcomed his 8th child, a new baby girl into the world this week and posted a picture of her on Instagram.

He wrote “My New Bby Girl,” on the post from yesterday and showed a picture of his newborn child in the hospital sleeping. This child brings the rapper closer to his goal of 10 children. He told Vlad TV last month that he wanted to have 3 more children, while he already had 7 at the time by five different mothers. “I got seven [kids],” Boosie Badazz said. “I’m trying to make three more though. Yeah, I want 10 kids. I always told me grandmother I’mma have 10 kids. And I have some good sperm. If it drop on your arm, you’re pregnant…I’m three away. I want a pair of twins too…I think I’m gonna freeze my sperm, and when I find a girl I’m gonna make twins. I’m thinking about that, but I’m looking for somebody to put a baby in right now. I just want somebody who’s willing to be a good mother.”

Boosie apparently had one in the oven at that point in time, and he’s reached the number 8. It’s unknown if this child is by a different mother than the previous 5. He also told us that managing all of the different mothers of his children can be a task, and that they sometimes put their children in competition with the others.

“It’s a task man,” said Boosie. “Because we’re not all under the same roof. So, that’s always a task. It’s always a task when you have different baby mothers to try and compare their children and be in competitions with their children a lot. It’s not the children in competition wirth the children. It be the mothers wanting to be in competition with making their kids in competition with other children.”