Legendary guitarist and musician Micki Free spoke exclusively to VladTV about hanging out with Prince and Eddie Murphy in the 1980s, and he provided us with the real story of Charlie Murphy's famous Chappelle Show skit about Prince playing basketball. Micki told us that Charlie's version was very accurate, including the fact that Prince played ball in his clothes that he wore in the club. The Grammy Award-winning artist told us that Prince dominated the game all while playing in 6-inch heels, and Micki even likened him to Michael Jordan on the court.

When it came to talking about Prince's death, Micki told us that he was heartbroken after learning the news. He then revealed that he was in the studio recording a song, which he named "Lavender Kiss" in honor of the late singer. Micki also showed off a custom necklace that he had made in honor of Prince, which featured the "Love Symbol" with a lavender jewel attached.

During the conversation Micki detailed new projects he has in the works, including a new Native American healing flute album, and he gave a sample of his work by playing DJ Vlad an "honor song" special for the interview. You can hear more of what Micki had to say during the interview, including his thoughts on how Native American culture is portrayed in the media, in the above clip.