Battle rapper, Cassidy let his Instagram followers know that he’s ready for another battle yesterday.

The “Hotel” rapper took to social media this week, posting a clip of a new song with a caption that is sure to shake up the battle world. “I’m ready to jump back in the ring,” wrote Cassidy while tagging a few of battle raps biggest promoters like Smack White, Beasley and Organik of Canada’s King of the Dot. Veteran battler, Shotgun Suge, responded to Cassidy with a warning and Birdman reference in the comment section. “Don’t get yo dumb a** killed in that ring My name SHOTGUN SUGE put some respect on it URL BULLY CERTIFIED GOOGLE ME,” he wrote.

Cassidy’s last battle was in December 2014 where he squared off against Dizaster. There were mixed opinions when it came to deciding a winner, but most agreed that Cassidy had a strong performance. The rapper also made a huge payday collecting a $250,000 check for stepping back into the ring. Prior to that, Cassidy was best known for his 2001 battle with Freeway which was actually set up by Swizz Beatz and Jay Z. Cassidy discussed the history of a Freeway match-up with back in 2014. “We don’t have a relationship like that,” Cassidy said of Jay Z. “I mean, I wouldn’t consider him my homie or my friend, but we met a few times. We talked a few times, but I don’t got a relationship with him like that. The most time me and Jay-Z spent around each other talking was the Freeway battle. He the one that set it up. It was me, him, and Swizz in the studio before it all went down. So, that was the time I really spend the most time around him. And really talked to him and all that s***.”

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