Cash Money Records CEO, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, stopped by The Breakfast Club on Friday (April 22nd) to promote his upcoming projects but the interview never got underway. Williams unleashed a verbal lashing on The Breakfast Club hosts for the earlier comments about his business handlings and abruptly walked out of the studio. 

Surrounded by an entourage, Williams began his tirade before he even sat in the interview chair saying, “Ya’ll ready, I want to start this sh-t off straight, all three of ya’ll stop playing with my name, stop playing with my f—king name.” Evidently agitated and tense the hip-hop mogul exclaimed, “Stop playing with my name, I ain’t gon’ say it no more.” As he takes his seat, Williams reclaimed the sunglasses he’d thrown during his rant, and continued saying, “N—ga when my name come’s up respect it!”

All three Breakfast Club personalities were present during the incident although, Birdman directed his harshest criticisms towards Charlamagne Tha God, leading to an awkward exchange between the two men. Charlamagne opened the radio portion of the interview by informing listeners of Birdman’s prior outburst, which led to a heated spat with Charlamagne asking Birdman to reveal his intentions for coming to the Power 105.1 studios.  The New Orleans native responded saying, “I wanted to talk to you in your face...I wanted to come look you in your face like a man and tell you how I feel...It ain’t no issue, if there was an issue you would feel me.”

The Breakfast Club interview ended shortly after Charlamagne asked Birdman if he had confronted his street hardened rapper adversaries, such as Trick Daddy, in a similar fashion. Appearing emotionally unraveled Birdman exclaimed there would be “no more talking”, he gathered his entourage, and exited the building after less than two minutes in the studio.

Birdman and Charlamagne became national tending topics on Twitter within minutes of the interview.