Hip-Hop faced a sudden devastation following the death of A Tribe Called Quest member and a pioneer of the culture, Phife Dawg. Many remembered the celebrity on social media, news reporters incorporated his lyrics during their coverage, and prominent celebrities were even in attendance for his memorial at the Apollo theatre in Harlem. While the vast acknowledgment was expected, Lord Jamar, who was also there for the memorial, believes the rapper should have been recognized and celebrated by every popular celebrity and fan during his life.

"You'll have white Rock-n-Roll artists, they'll pull in their heroes. They don't give a f*** if this n**** ain't make a record in like 40-years, they be like, 'Yo, that's why I Iove that n****, come on I need to make a record with this n****,' and we don't do s*** like that."

Watch the full interview from the livetaping with Lord Jamar above.