The Bronx is no Wisconsin.

Only a day after defeating Donald Trump with 48.2% of The Badger State's GOP vote behind him, Republican Ted Cruz arrived to a message that he's made the 117,000 undocumented residents of the borough all too familiar with over the course of his presidential campaign: ...get out! 

"Ted Cruz has no business being in the Bronx," it was put in-kind, by Rodrigo 'RodStarz' Venegas of the Hip Hop group Rebel Diaz.  "This is an immigrant community."

With the New York stop along 2016's calendar of primary elections nearing (April 19th), candidates from both parties have made it their business to stump through the city as of late.  Reports out of the Mott Haven section last week proved a constituency for hopeful Bernie Sanders to be inviting, with estimates of around 18,000 packing his St. Mary's Park rally.  Questions as to why Cruz—whose platform stands in such stark contrast to Sanders' particularly on such issues integral to the local demographic as immigration and the economy—would choose to open his visit to the city in the same community; wasn't one a microphone wielding RodStarz waited long to ask.  

Early footage of the encounter shows the emcee (and Co-host at alternative news outlet teleSUR English) following the Senator towards a private engagement awaiting him in the back of a restaurant, before he is cut off by Cruz's handlers.  Shortly thereafter RodStarz, along with his brother G1 (Gonzalo Venegas) manage to enter the event, challenging Cruz to speak his stance on climate control.  They are then escorted out and followed by the press.    

"He's a racist who represents white supremacy," the former Dead Prez collaborator and long time activist concluded in Spanish.  "We're not going to allow that in our neighborhood.  It's that simple."

It was only the beginning of what turned out to be a futile day on the trail.  After leaving the dissent-laden event the Cruz campaign decided to call off a visit to Lighthouse Charter School, upon word that his appearance would trigger a student organized "walk-out".