Initially, Hazel E made her mark in Los Angeles as the go to girl for PR before deciding to put a cast together for Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. Although, she says she doesn't get the credit she deserves, she decided to leave the show after she felt like it wasn't a positive light for her to be in.

Once the show premiered, Hazel was caught in a love triangle with Yung Berg and Masika Kalysha, which seemed to have portrayed her as a needy lover, which she says was purposely edited that way for her storyline. However, when season 2 aired, Hazel was on a new level and on a new path. While fans buzzed about her private relationship with comedian Katt Williams, she decided to keep her romance away from VH1 cameras, even though she said she endured a heartbroken miscarriage with the comic. "Last season—I guess with efforts of being honest because it's something that I never admitted to—I was pregnant, and it got tricky for me. I ended the season with being pregnant, I ended up having a miscarriage," she said.

She explained that she was with Williams at the time, who didn't handle the news too well. "It was actually very hard because we had to separate. He handled it a little bit different than I did." She said, "He was a little disappointed, and I kind of needed a friend."