Brooklyn Rapper Young M.A's claim to viral fame comes from her verbose and street littered Chiraq freestyle. In late 2014 after watching the video and praising M.A's rap style, social commentator Boyce Watkins also took to his Facebook page to critique the female rapper on her serial killer style of rapping and the promotion of genocidal energy.

Young M.A recently came to VladTV to discuss how she became a rapper, losing her brother to murder, how the vicious streets shaped her lyrical exercise, and Dr. Boyce's "negative" critique of her rap style. While the rapper credits Dr. Boyce with making her freestyle go viral, she also says that he ignored attempts for the two of them to speak about the song, which in her mind would allow Dr. Watkins to understand where she comes from.

Yesterday, Dr. Boyce took to his YouTube page to vlog an open letter to Young M.A. He once again praises her rap brilliance and says her chiraq freestyle may be the best one he's ever heard. "She's so talented but these verses—are brilliant, very creative—but I was uncomfortable with the celebration of Black genocide." 

Dr. Boyce breaks down how Black youth is affected by mass incarceration, the war on drugs, a lack of knowledge of their history, and being immune to destruction in some ways. He hammers home on the idea that rap artists are self-promoting genocide and perpetuating racist ideology, claiming, "the white man taught you to brag about murdering each other." 

Watch his full breakdown above.