While police brutality is being well-documented and viewed worldwide thanks to social media and major news coverage, Killer Mike believes things have gotten worse despite the visibility. While a witness to violence between officers and citizens, Killer Mike believes there has been a drastic change within the last 20 or 30 years where he says drug units would catch drug dealers, take their drugs and let them go. He told DJ Vlad, "So you got your a** kicked, but you didn't get an arrest record... now they're murdering."

While on a campaign run with his right-hand man, Bernie Sanders, the rapper says he saw fear in another man's eyes due to the unsettling circumstances between cops and Black men. After inviting one man on stage, he recalled the man telling him, "When y'all leave town, who's going to protect me?" He went on to explain how the reckless reaction of officers who abused their authority within the last two decades has morphed into super-predators who view black men as "animals." The Run the Jewels rapper said, "Policemen enter their work now as though they're going on a hunt. Policemen are strapping up as though they are paramilitary and they are hunting."