Moniece Slaughter's relationship with her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Milan Christopher went from bad to great after she exposed Miles Brock's claims of Milan being his first gay experience to be fake. She spoke about the situation exclusively with VladTV, and Moniece told us that her family members are the ones who told her that Miles was lying about never being in a relationship with a man before Milan. 

Speaking more about the situation, Moniece explained that after Milan realized she was telling the truth he apologized, thus starting their new close friendship. When asked about Milan saying on Instagram that Moniece turned him bisexual, she responded by saying that she doesn't think it's possible for a woman to turn a gay man straight, but she added that she could make him feel different about a woman's vagina.

To hear more of what Moniece had to say during our interview, including how Lil Eazy-E was her first serious boyfriend, hit the above clip.