Royce Da 5'9" is in no way, shape or form a new face. The rapper from Detroit's nine mile penned "The Message" on the Dr. Dre's 2001 album with help from Mary J. Blige, and more recently he wrote "Tell Me," Diddy's second single off Press Play featuring Christina Aguilera. "I think I owe Diddy a lot," he admits up top. "He taught me the art of rewriting."

Moving on to the topic of ghostwriting, DJ Vlad asked Royce how he feels about Drake allegedly having one in Quentin Miller. Like most fans, Royce too was surprised, but he was more-so shocked at the response Drake received from his supporters. "Hip-hop is evolving a little slower than the other genres. If this is what it's evolving into, as an OG I accept it...[but] I don't choose to write like that," he explained.

After calling ghostwriting the "newer way of creating," Royce Da 5'9" broke down what it truly means to be a lyricist. "It's a certain fulfillment that I get out of writing myself...You gotta write everything to be a top-tier lyricist in my book."