Katt Williams cleared the air during a recent interview with Mark Curry, where he addressed hitting a man while on stage at the Beanie Sigel show in Philly. Katt told Mark that he hit the guy on a reflex after he claims that the guy rested his phone on Katt's nose while taking a video of him in the club.

During the interview Katt was also asked if Chris Rock is the "next" person who he's setting his sights on, and he responded by saying, "Chris Rock has been a c**n since Bigger and Blacker. He knows it. He knows he doesn't like Black women." He then took another jab by adding, "He knows why God blessed his hands to look like monkey paws." 

Check out more of what Katt had to say during the interview, including addressing claims that he's on drugs. 

Main Photo Credit: Splash News