Singer Danny Boy, who sung hooks on such famous songs as 2Pac's "I Ain't Mad at Cha" and "Picture Me Rollin," spoke to VladTV about deciding to come out as a gay man at the beginning of 2016. The former Death Row singer told us that he made the decision after a man he was dating, who was the first man Danny Boy said he felt comfortable with, committed suicide because he was gay. He explained that initially he disguised his boyfriend, Anthony, as a woman while announcing his death on Facebook, but Danny Boy told us that he decided to tell the truth after going to the funeral.

The backlash Danny Boy received after making his announcement was tough to deal with, as the singer told us that he lost longtime friends and members of his church started to speak out against his new lifestyle. One of the hardest conversations Danny Boy had to have about the news was with the mothers of his children, including his ex-wife, and he admitted that his oldest child's mother took the news the best. However, Danny Boy told us that his ex-wife took the news hard, and he added that he hasn't spoken to his third child's mother due to their already strained relationship.

Check out more of what Danny Boy had to say about his coming out in the above interview, including if he hooked up with anyone from Death Row.