Update: 3/9/16 3:12 am

According to TMZ, the drugs and weapons charges will be added to Katt Williams' arrest. Police reportedly found "large quantities' of marijuana at the comedian's home, along with several guns.

Source: TMZ

Katt Williams was arrested on Tuesday (March 8) after police searched the comedian's home as a result of an investigation on March 1. Williams is accused of assaulting and threatening his bodyguard, Corey Dixon, who authorities say refused to "engage in criminal activity" as directed by Williams. 

According to reports, Dixon was brought to the comedian's house on February 28, where he was allegedly choked by a woman named Tatiana Smith, 24, who is also accused of hitting Dixon with a baseball bat. During the alleged altercation, Katt reportedly threatened to kill the bodyguard. A third woman, Lena Smith, 40, was also charged with marijuana possession in the incident. 

Katt has been charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, false imprisonment and felony possession of marijuana. The sheriff's office added that further drugs and weapons charges are pending. 

Williams is currently lodged in the Hall County Jail, while a committal hearing is scheduled on Wednesday (March 9) at 2 p.m.

Source: Gainesville Times