Joey Bada$$' latest track has fans buzzing as he prepares to drop a new album later this year, but one of his Brooklyn rivals didn't appreciate hearing his name mentioned on the "Ready" single. On the second verse Joey raps, "With the 80/20 split do the math, my n***a Kirk Knight just outsold Troy Ave," in reference to Pro Era's Kirk Knight outselling Ave in October of last year with his debut. 

With that, Joey Bada$$ resurfaced their old beef and Troy Ave has come back with vengeance on "BAD A**," his response to the "backpack rapper." He rapped the following in reference to Capital STEEZ, Joey's best friend who commited suicide in late 2012.

"Cause I'm a savage, this gon leave you sad b***h
Don't get suicidal like ya friend, here's a casket
Steez burning in Hell, my burner's in my belt
I'm really killing s**t, you n***s killing yourself
F**king weirdos, off the roof, "Steer clear yo!"
This n***s tryna fly, he think he a superhero
Splat man! F**k you and that man"

Listen above and view his Instagram jab at Joey Bada$$ in the gallery.