Ron Newt spoke exclusively with VladTV about his close friendship with Michael and Joe Jackson, which developed after his sons, The Newtrons, were signed to Jackson Records.

When asked about what it was like working with Joe, Ron explained that Joe is one of the nicest people he has ever met, and he added that the elder Jackson is nothing like the person he's portrayed to be in the media. Ron also revealed that he and Joe discovered they were cousins while they were working together, which led to Joe splitting management commissions with Jackson.

As the conversation continued Ron spoke more about his relationship with Michael Jackson, including the time the late singer hit his pet monkey "Bubbles" for biting Ron's youngest son. Ron laughed while recalling the story of Michael hitting the monkey so fast that the animal didn't see it coming. Newt also shared photos of himself at Michael's home, along with memorabilia he collected over the years, including Jackson's official jacket from the Pepsi commercial where he was severely burned. 

Check out more of what Ron had to say in the above interview, including a story about the National Enquirer offering him $200,000 to say Michael abused his children.