After countless robberies and acts of violence being reported from random sneaker exchanges with strangers, one would think additional preventative measures would have been more prevalent today. This past weekend a shoe thief had to learn the hard way that not everyone was willing to succumb to sneaker robbery.

Phil, a 39-year-old father of three, was greeted in his car with a gun last Friday after setting up an exchange in Brooklyn for a pair of Air Jordans with a teenager he corresponded with on Craiglist. Realizing that the gun was jammed, the robber grabbed the sneakers, and hopped out of the SUV. Shortly after the boy ran away, the driver turned his car around and ran over the teen, upon which the impact from the collision detached his arm from his body. 

Video footage from the crime scene can be viewed above. Reports say that the boy is currently in the hospital. 

Source: YT