YFN Lucci and Young Thug got into a social media feud over Thugger's fiancée, Jerrika Karlae. Sunday, Lucci tweeted Jerrika a message revealing he missed her: "I KNO U MISS LAYING ON DAT SOFA WIT ME GIRL." Young Thug didn't find the message to be amusing, and fired back with a photo of Jerrika sitting on his private jet tweeting, "This the only sofa this b**** on!"

In response to Thugger's last message, Lucci posted a screen shot of alleged text messages between him and Jerrika on Instagram, captioning the photo, "U DUMB AS HELL U THINK THATS THE ONLY SOFA #FA***T #WMW2#UNSTOPPABLE #FEB16#LONGLIVENUT4EVA #USMELLME"

Young Thug decided to shut down the back-and-forth twitter feud, and suggested that Lucci was trying to gain recognition by stirring a beef with him. "U just tying to get on!" He added, "If any upcoming rapper wanna be put on, let's make music.. On wanna beef. Cross out the devil and go with God please."

Source: Twitter|Instagram