Grammy nominated artist R. Prophet caught up with DJ Vlad over the weekend to discuss his recent bout with former flame Stacey Dash. Like many, R. Prophet was floored upon hearing Dash's comments about Black culture and why she's against certain practices, especially "considering B.E.T. was one of the first networks that gave her her start." In an Instagram rant he compared her to Unkle Rukkus, a Boondocks character with reverse vitiligo, and made claims about the Republican supporter bleaching her skin in the past. At one point Stacey's management team contacted the former Nappy Roots member so he could attempt to "help the situation out," but by then he felt his ex "can't take those comments back." "I don't know what has made her change over the years. Back in the day when she was doing Clueless and things of that nature she seemed to be a normal person," R. Prophet tells us. "But I guess over the years with success and people getting into her head - I believe - something has occurred with that young lady...but she's f***ed up, man."

When asked about his skin bleaching comments, R. Prophet continued to stand by the statement and said if anyone were to ask him today, "I would say...look. Look at her skin now. She doesn't look like she's the same tone, to me." Listen as he expounds on his claim, shuts down the abortion rumor and more during our latest exclusive clip.

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