Stacey Dash stirred up controversy after speaking on Fox & Friends about the #Oscarssowhite hashtag, and her solution was to cancel both the BET Awards and Black History month, because she feels it causes more segregation between races. Her comment caused a lot of backlash, and the actress now says she wants an apology, as she pointed out that Morgan Freeman didn't get called out for his comments in 2006. 

In a post on her blog titled, "Twitter Haters, When Do I Get My Apology for Agreeing with Morgan Freeman about #BlackHistoryMonth?," the actress argued why she's owed an apology.

"It's time we decide as a society whether we want to care about race or not. Like Morgan Freeman says, there is no White History Month and there should be no Black History Month. Black history IS American history.... You want racial healing and reconciliation? You want true equality? Listen to Morgan Freeman – Stop. Talking. About. Race."

Source: The Inquisitr/Pathos