Well before the Rodney King riots took place in California the state has been viewed worldwide as one built on corruption and organized crime. If anyone can attest to this is incarcerated gangster rap artist Big Lurch, who is currently serving life without parole in New Folsom State Prison for the murder of Tynisha Ysais in 2002. "California is a place of manipulation. People from out of town, they don't know what they're getting themselves into when they come out here 'cause this is the pros, you know," Big Lurch told DJ Vlad during their exclusive interview.

The East Dallas rapper known for tracks like "How We Comin'" with the RBL Posse and Mac Dre's "Fire" spoke with Vlad about Texas, his strenuous music career, and what led to his unfortunate downfall. A night on PCP led to Ysais' death and the widespread belief that Big Lurch is a cannibal after the woman's corpse was found gnawed and chewed on. "My car was gone, my money was gone. They found me walking up the street naked, a dead body in the house...When I came to, out of being stuck, I had been in L.A. County [Jail] for two weeks - I had been arraigned and everything," Lurch recalled. "And guess who my lawyer was? Milton Grimes, the one who owned the label." Milton Grimes, famous for being the attorney in the Rodney King trial, also served as the lawyer for Big Lurch during his. According to the rapper, Grimes had been against him from the beginning as he had ties to some Los Angeles Crips - Lurch is a Blood. Their gang ties led to major conflict between the two, which Big Lurch ultimately feels is the reason he remains in prison. "Soon as I got convicted he stopped answering the phone," he stated. Grimes allegedly told Lurch to make Ysais' death "look as worse as we can" in order to take the insanity defense. He also had this to add: "Now there was a baby blue-nosed pitbull in that house, so where there's blood, you know, little dogs chew or bite. God bless her soul, but it wasn't like the way people talk about it."

Big Lurch - born Antron Singleton - now has a case against the State of California as he continues to maintain his innocence. During this interview Big Lurch recounts the events leading up to the murder (including the car accident that left him paralyzed with a broken neck) and speaks on having to deal with Crip-affiliates behind bars while serving his time in general population. "This California, man. People gon' take you for a ride if you don't have that wisdom [sic]...You learn this game by blood, sweat, and tears. Ain't nobody just gon' give you the game." Hear his advice to Chris Brown, snitches and more up top.

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