The D.O.C. has worked closely with Dr. Dre over the years, and the Texas-born rapper and writer opened up to us about their long-standing friendship, revealing that they have gotten into some "monumental" fall outs. However, they've always managed to come together for all of Dre's projects, including Detox, which The D.O.C. said he was working on since 2005. "The Formula" rapper explained that Dre initially "wasn't ready" to work on the project, and after the tracks started leaking online a few years back, Dre "went back underground." 

During the conversation The D.O.C. spoke to us about one of the blowouts he had with Dr. Dre that centered around him not having his own money and essentially living off of Dre's dime. Afterward, The D.O.C. revealed that "I've lived with Dre most of my life," aside from a time when he lived with Snoop Dogg when they had a falling out, which you can hear more about in the above clip.