Before rapper Jarren Benson revealed that he's leaving Funk Volume to help Master P rebuild No Limit, Hopsin also told fans that he's thinking about leaving the label. Jarren didn't provide any deep insight into why he's moving on, and Funk Volume told HipHopDX that the rapper is still signed to the label and they also added that he's not signing to No Limit.

Hopsin on the other hand, laid things out for his fans, "Some people are just too difficult to work with. I may possibly be walking away from Funk Volume soon, unless Damien Ritter decides to leave .If ur a real Hopsin fan, i hope u still f*** with me with or without Fv. This isn't something I want, its just something that may need to happen. I made this man VERY wealthy over the years from my music, and for him to tell me I don't work hard at all is just flat out disrespect." 

Check out Hopsin and Jarren's posts above.

Source: Facebook/Instagram/HipHopDX