"I stood up for hip hop, I stood up for Ottawa, I stood up for Canada and I did a symbolic gesture by snatching the mic out of his hands."

Rapper Black Jesus explained his strategical plan to ambush and exploit Ohio rapper, Slim Jesus during his "Drill Time" performance in Ottawa, Canada. Last week, a viral video showed Slim Jesus' getting his microphone snatched as he performed for a crowd of roughly 80 people. Before dropping the mic, the Canadian yelled out, "Support real Hip Hop, b****!"

Although the video seemed raw, Black Jesus said that he got his own camera guy to capture the snatching and says that he purposely sent out the video to every media outlet saying "it was all carefully planned."

"When I got home, I opened up the list I made that week of every single website who posted an article of Slim Jesus, included the names of the author and their contacts."

Standing as a young advocate for hip-hop, Black Jesus explained prior to the infamous incident, in his opinion, the young viral star gave an awful performance, which was another reason why he interrupted the set.

"Not only did he show up with no DJ, his set was less than 20-minutes long, it consisted of "Drill Time," "Buck Buck," "She Just Wanna," "Faneto" and "Drill Time" again... he repeated the last song and just gave literally gave the worst performance of the whole night."

Watch the whole interview above!