"Yes, this is going to be the Murder Inc story," Ja Rule told us about a series based on the label's successful run coming to the small screen.

The 39-year-old says that Irv Gotti is currently handling the last bit of business to get their drama series on a roll, "Gotti's out in L.A. putting out a whole—the icing on that cake right now" He tells DJ Vlad, "yea we['re] doing a Murder Inc series and we got good partners with us and hopefully it'll be coming to Showtime—or something like that—real soon."

The Queens native says that he will oversee the production as an executive producer, "I got to make sure the story gets told right and s*** like that, so me and Gotti will definitely collaborate on telling the story. So it's going to be really dope!"

As the rapper-turned actor talks about his upcoming projects, he tells DJ Vlad about a major role he gave up when he was asked to join 2 Fast 2 Furious. Ja Rule reveals that he was advised by Vin Diesel to turn down the role since major players in the cast weren't returning.

"Vin wasn't coming back to do the second one and neither was Rob Cohen, so it felt like Fast wasn't going to be the same." He says that he continued to do bookings and set up his tour and ultimately passed up on the opportunity.

Watch as he explains more above!