Pleasure P addressed an incident he had with Trey Songz and his security, Friday night. The singer posted and later deleted a video claiming that the Virginia native and his team made threats towards him. "So, I had a problem with Trey Songz tonight. Him and his security ran up on me as if they were some thugs or something . When y'all come to Miami, y'all come see me . F*** y'all n***** . Y'all crazy," he says before pointing the camera to a female, "I got a witness too."

In another Instagram post, he explained how he was approached aggressively by Songz's entourage who threatened to get physical with him, "If two men got a problem, where I'm from, we let two men deal with it. The fact that you had two security n***** turn their hats backwards talking about they'll Jim Jones n***** and things of that nature. I don't respect that."

The 30-year-old later deleted the two videos after a mutual friend of theirs got involved and diffused the tension, "Because of a mutual friend and my 11-year-old son, I took my post down. However, I don't tolerate the disrespect because I always show respect. So y'all gotta feel where i'm coming from."

What do you think about their ongoing beef?

Source: Instagram |YouTube