Update: 12/5/2015 1:15am

Slim Jesus sent out a video responding to getting his mic snatched onstage during a concert in Ottawa by his DJ for the night, Black. The Ohio emcee started out by saying, "F*** that DJ from last night," and he added that Black was ran out of the club while the crowd chanted "f*** that DJ." 

The "Drill Time" emcee also rubbed the situation in Black's face by pointing out that he got paid for the gig. You can flip through the above slide to see Slim Jesus' full response. 

Source: YouTube

When you're a rapper who doesn't fit the stereotypes that come with the title, nine time out of ten someone is going to try and pull your card. Since the release of "Drill Time," Slim Jesus has become no stranger to altercation, as several rappers have called him out on his front on a number of occasions. Now it appears another rapper simply couldn't stand to listen to the Ohio drill rapper's music, and while on stage with him he decided to do something about it.

Slim Jesus was performing his debut track in front of a seemingly energetic crowd in Ottawa, Canada when rapper Black Jesus decided to interject. Black - who served as Slim's DJ for the night - walked from behind the booth in the middle of the song and snatched the mic out of Slim's hand, yelling "support real hip-hop, b***." Slim Jesus appeared to laugh off the situation even as Black approached him, in which the video ends.

See it unfold for yourself - courtesy of WhatTheHYPE - above.