A feud that began with a war of words turned physical in October after P-Dice talked to VladTV about him and Fetty Wap's beef. Though Dice has expressed time and time again he was always supportive of Fetty Wap and their career together, Wap called bulls**t on the matter and called out his former friend for the reportedly false claims. It was then Dice was confronted by a group for his comments during the interview, which he spoke to us about exclusively.

In this clip the Paterson rapper finally speaks out about the video that surfaced of him getting jumped by Fetty Wap's goons. "I was on a IO Hawk (segway) [and] me and one of them had words," he voiced as he began to detail the violent incident. "One of them n***as smacked me with the gun from the back...I was on the ground. What you seen on camera, that was the end of the tussle." "N***as tried to pull my pants down, real talk," Dice later added.

During our talk with him, Dice also addressed the video of him making a DJ turn off "679" in a club he was hosting, while providing the seemingly real reason he wasn't on the original track to begin with. Hear about that and more above.