Slim Jesus made it clear that he didn't want to be attached to any major record deal after burning a contract on Instagram. He captioned the video "F*** a label #IndependentMoney."

Although, that made the message clear to other labels, YMCMB's president, Birdman still decided to give the rising "Drill Time" rap star a call to persuade him to sign on, and be apart of his elite roster.

With King Yella on the three-way conversation, Slim Jesus can be heard telling Birman that he was booked and couldn't set up a meeting anytime soon. With Slim Jesus' recent celebrity demand, Birdman said he was willing to work around his schedule, "Tell me when you can. I don't want to waste your time or mine- my n**** you heard me."

Birdman added that he could change the rapper's life musically and financially, "I think you special my n****, I think there's something we can f*** with. I would like to come see you or you come see me."

In the end of the 4-minute video clip, Birdman mentions Lil Wayne still being apart of YMCMB, which shocks Slim. The 46-year-old mogul reiterates, "Wayne ain't going nowhere man. I don't know what you be hearing." He said referring their legal feud over Lil Wayne's request of release from the label. "One-thousand, thats my son, he ain't going nowhere."