At 23 years old, King Yella faced up to 30 years in prison. At one point when he was on parole, Yella claims the police threw a "bogus case" on him that was dropped during the preliminary hearing because they had no probable cause. "The police just hated me," he recalls in this exclusive clip. Still, because he was on parole he had to serve more time, but these days, his focus is on his music and family more than ever.

When it comes to Chicago's youth, he really wishes they'd "get it together." "This is just senseless killing going on now...These n****s now [are] just killing motherf***ers over a tweet," he voiced. "These little b**** a** n****s ain't fighting. [If] you punch one of them, you better just be prepared 'cause it's gonna crack. They're so scary now-a-days they're grabbing a gun." King Yella later added "if you gotta grab a gun after every situation, [you're] a b****. If you gotta kill a n**** 'cause he punched you in your mouth, why you ain't punch him back, b**** a** n****? [You're] a coward."

"The news and the world make this s*** look like some different s*** - this s*** been going on in Chicago, this s*** didn't just start," he went on to say. Yella then talked about the rise of drill music, and how Chicago rappers have made it acceptable for others to follow in their path "not knowing that these are not regular songs. This is a message to the next gang, you feel me? This is not no party s***."

Nov. 28, King Yella has launched a GoFundMe campaign asking fans to help him "make Chicago youth better." The rapper says he wants to prevent children from joining gangs and hopefully build his own boys and girls club equip with a gym, computer room, game room, and various classes.

If you would like to support and donate funds, please go to his GoFundMe page here.

Watch as King Yella speaks his mind on the violence in Chicago up top.