Mia Isabella. This year her name rang bells in the hip-hop world with allegations that she slept with both Tyga and InkMonstarr, but a little over a year ago, the transgender adult film star had people talking over another male celebrity. "I was invited to L.A., to this party. And when I came I met a lot of interesting people - beautiful girls, of course - because Mr. [Charlie] Sheen is known for being surrounded by beautiful women, and I was actually really shocked that he was as nervous to meet me as I was to meet him," Mia said in an interview last year.

"It was interesting to see this person with a reputation of being this incredible party animal you know, obviously his reputation proceeds him around the world. But I met a different person. Someone who was extremely kind to me and later developed a friendship over time," she continued. According to Mia Isabella, her "presence was requested" by Sheen as his girlfriend at the time was a fan of Mia's adult novelty toys.

During the clip above Mia goes on to describe her business relationship with the famed actor who admitted he has HIV earlier today. She also details the time she saw former roommate, Capri Anderson, break down and go "kinda berserk" when she mentioned his name, an ordeal she calls a "dark and seedy situation."

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