The Migos have come a long way since their debut single, "Versace' was released back in 2013. Though Offset is currently incarcerated, DJ Vlad was able to catch up with Takeoff and Quavo to find out how their group is holding up and what they're doing to support Offset in his time of need.

"We talk to him everyday" Quavo told us during the interview. In April the three Gwinnett County natives were performing at Georgia Southern University when they were approached by police on the scene. They were all arrested on several misdemeanor and felony charges, but Offset is the only member who still remains behind bars. "He got his head up, man," Takeoff noted. According to him and Quavo, Offset will be released soon, and as they've done in the past they'll make sure he comes home to more money than what he went in with. "It ain't no point to sit here and try to separate this paper and we all got it together," Quavo stated as they both recalled Offset's last jail stint.

Hear more about the status of Offset's bid in our latest sit down above.