Famed Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson recently spoke to DJ Vlad and discussed the trials and tribulations he had to face while in Ferguson, Missouri last year. The first day DeRay admits he "was just trying to see what was going on," but it's what happened the following evening that led him to become an important figure in the movement. "The second day that I was there I think was the first day of the curfew - it was like a midnight curfew - and we had tear gas around eight o' clock, and I'll never forget getting tear-gassed for the first time," he recalled. "In in that moment I became a protester. I became somebody who was like 'I'm gonna do whatever I can to make sure this is not the reality for people.'"

DeRay then went on to state the obvious when describing the feeling tear-gas gave him. He said it feels like "a strong, menthol sort of feel across your face," "so when you stand still you sort of stings a little bit. But when you move, like when the wind hits it, it really stings." "[And] it attaches itself to your clothes and your body in a way that the other chemicals don't," Mckesson added.

Listen and watch as DeRay describes the unpleasant experience and more in our latest VladTV exclusive.