Murda Mook had never taken the time to look up Slim Jesus prior to this interview, and though he respects his hustle, don't expect to make a fan out of him just yet. "I just hope it don't come [back] to bite him because you know, it's a lot of things that come with being like that," Mook said of Slim's rap persona. "We've made it that cool for that to be able to be accepted."

"For him coming out [and] saying 'Yo, all this s*** is made up,' I respect it, man. But now, my question is do you listen to his music?," Murda Mook continued. He went on to say that he's certain Slim Jesus' fans saw a White rapper spitting about things they don't know and "gobble[d] it up," but only because "they want that life, but they don't really want it."

Watch and listen as Murda Mook veers from the entire Slim Jesus conversation and proceeds to compliment Chief Keef and Sean Kingston in our latest exclusive.