Metta World Peace began his professional basketball career with the Chicago Bulls after being drafted to the NBA in 1999. We watched the Queensbridge, New York native change his name (twice) as he traveled the world to play in different leagues, and though he plans to continue doing so, Los Angeles has proven to be where his heart resides.

It wasn't easy for Metta - formerly known as Ron Artest & The Panda's Friend - to get back into the U.S. league after his stints in China and Italy. Though a veteran in the game, he had to work just as hard as the rookies. "I was fighting my way to get back in," he tells us. "It was hard to get back in the NBA. I had no options. The Lakers was like, my only option."

Watch on as Metta World Peace speaks on his eccentric name changes, compares Snoop Dogg to a panda, and talks about his professional and personal relationships with Lakers' teammate, Kobe Bryant during our latest exclusive.