B.G. Knocc Out got candid with VladTV about his beef with Tha Dogg Pound, which included a huge brawl that he got into with Nate Dogg and about fifteen members of his crew. 

The West Coast emcee shared his side of the story, as he explained that he ran into Nate on the golf course and they started repping their rival sets, which led to Nate Dogg running over B.G. Knocc Out's foot with a golf cart. After the "Real Compton City Gs" emcee confronted Nate Dogg, B.G. and his brother got into an all-out brawl with Nate Dogg and his crew. 

Later on in the conversation B.G. Knocc Out revealed how he squashed his beef with Tha Dogg Pound after having a meeting with Snoop Dogg and Kurupt, whom he's still close with today. 

Check out more of our interview with B.G. Knocc Out above, including how he claims that he never saw Suge Knight around after Eazy-E's death.