InkMonstarr and his good friend Stitches stirred things up when they claimed to have had sex with Tyga's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. With a song, pictures, and video threats, the two attempted to provoke Tyga, but he and Kylie have (understandably) refused to speak on any of the rumors in question. We recently caught up with InkMonstarr who was ready to share his side of the story in detail, and trust us when we tell you, he had a lot to get off his chest.

The self-proclaimed "King of Ink" says you don't need a nine to five when you have faith in yourself. "When it comes to tattoos, I got my face [done] because I'm a hustler. I hustle hard, by any means." As of today he has up to 700 tats on his face and body, and seems extremely confident that his career will continue to prosper, especially in light of the situation at hand.

After shedding light on his background, InkMonstarr immediately began talking about the time he met Kylie Jenner in California. "She approached me with a friend," he recalls after meeting her in 2013 at Floyd Mayweather's celebrity basketball game. "Her friend introduced me [and I] shook her hand but she said 'Nah, I don't give handshakes I give hugs.' She gave me a hug - I felt the love. I felt the passion." Later on InkMonstarr claims he was invited to her house where they listened to his music and ate cookies baked by Jenner's mom, Kris. "But that day she gave me the number, I seen her, sitting on Tyga's lap," he adds.

Though he doesn't fully explain what happened between him, Tyga and Stitches, he does say insecurities on Tyga's end played a major part. "Insecurity is what you don't wanna do, especially if the young man has your b****!," says InkMonstarr before going into a lengthy, angry rant. When asked about Mia Isabella, the transgender model who allegedly outed them both, he says "I know her as Tyga's girl. Anything else from that, I do not know her."

Watch as he gets a call from Stitches in the middle of the interview and discusses his relationship with Trina and more in our latest exclusive.