"Where the f*** was Dice?"

A couple of days ago Jersey rapper P-Dice spoke to VladTV about getting kicked out of the Remy Boyz. The Paterson native claimed he was let go by Fetty Wap after the "My Way" artist was confronted by affiliates of Tax G. Fetty, who addressed why he dropped P-Dice in a previous interview, caught wind of the recent claims and decided to respond with his side of the story, and according to him street beef was not the reason for the split.

In the 15-minute clip, Fetty Wap laughs at some of the comments made by P-Dice and points out several flaws in his story. Aside from jealousy being a major factor, P-Dice allegedly tried to create beef within the group between Fetty and Monty. "What real brother hits their brother and say[s] 'I wonder if you know that Buck (Monty) was f***ing your baby mother?'" Fetty Wap asks. "You say you wasn't jealous, my n****?"

Fetty Wap also addresses the beef rumor and claims he was the only one who had P-Dice's back throughout it all - he even has tattoos of three stars that represent himself, P-Dice and Monty. "I told n****s on Wap, though, it was gonna be three million a piece," he states. "I got what I said I was gonna get - now it's only two of us."

Watch above.

Source: Late Night Creep