UPDATE: Fetty Wap responded to this video and gave his side of the story. Check it out here.

After Fetty Wap established himself in the game with hit after hit, it wasn't uncommon to hear him on tracks with fellow rappers Monty and P-Dice. Together, the three of them formed the Remy Boyz just two years ago, and according to P-Dice, everything "was smooth sailing...Up until the Tax G incident."

"When the Tax G incident happened he had some people press them," P-Dice - formerly of Remy Boyz - reveals. The Paterson, New Jersey rapper claims Tax G's big homie told Fetty Wap they were having problems with him after the three of them got into it over social media. "So his big homie basically pressed Fetty Wap and said 'yo, it's either him or all of y'all.' And [Fetty] was like 'aiight, it's him. It's just P-Dice."

P-Dice isn't holding a grudge with the Remy Boyz, but he does realize "they could've handled it differently" - especially since their former affiliate claims he was Fetty's mentor. "I just see how people are - everything come[s] back to bite us in the a**, though, feel me? Karma's a b****," he adds.

Watch as he debunks the rumors surrounding his work habits with his former squad and explains how Fetty and Monty took their "ignorant R&B" style from him above.

Lookout for P-Dice's upcoming project, "PBola," scheduled to drop on Halloween. To hear more from him, visit his Soundcloud.