RBX spoke exclusively with VladTV about releasing his track, "A.W.O.L.," a diss aimed at Death Row and its artists, and the friction it caused with then-CEO, Suge Knight. The West Coast emcee explained that he was never signed to Death Row, despite Suge claiming him as an artist, so the label head was none too happy once RBX released his song under Warner. RBX recalled that the song was moving up the charts just about the time that Suge called and allegedly threatened all of higher-ups at the label, which RBX said "put the smash" on the song.

Speaking more about the track, RBX explained dissing Dr. Dre on the track and later becoming friends. He shared a conversation that he had where the famed producer told RBX that he actually thought the song was hard, and RBX said they later came to an understanding. 

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