N.W.A. founding member Arabian Prince chopped it up with DJ Vlad to discuss the biopic "Straight Outta Compton" and share his views on certain character portrayals. Like others who viewed the film, Prince doesn't understand why some people were cut out entirely - including him. "Somebody was very pivotal in the success and the sound of N.W.A. It was Donovan Smith, our engineer...he's nowhere to be seen. He was always there hanging out with us," Arabian Prince tells us. "So that and just like, 50% of the scenes - in real life - I was there."

After explaining why MC Ren should have been depicted "a lot better," Arabian Prince hits DJ Vlad with the reality that "star power matters" before delving into how the members of N.W.A. acted off the mic. "Like I told somebody [else], I gangbanged for two days, and when I saw somebody get beat down I was done. I'm playing football," he recalls with a laugh. Not trying to downplay anyone's street cred, Prince claims Eazy-E was the only one he really saw "do some stuff," however MC Ren is up in the ranks as well "a little bit 'cause he lived in the neighborhood." "...Maybe you might not have a personal experience, but around you is that story," Prince explains.

During this clip Arabian Prince also reveals "Jerry [Heller] was hardly around" the crew when it came to recording and performances. Catch that and more up top.