50 Cent's back and forth with Taraji P. Henson was brought to a bigger stage after the actress's Empire character "Cookie" took a jab at the rapper during the season two premiere of the hit FOX show. 

In one scene Cookie can be heard talking to her son Hakeem, telling him, "50 Cent's still taking jabs at us. Look at what he wrote on the 'gram. Thirsty ass." 

Fif shot back with an actual Instagram video where he said, "I can't believe Cookie would say some s*** like that about me. Thirsty? Me? Thirsty? C'mon, you stupid?" He added, "Man, me and Cookie go way back. You know I hit that." 

The Queens emcee made it clear that he was just joking, as he captioned the comedic video, "@tarajiphenson LOVE YOU GIRL LMAO." 

Check out the full clip above. 

Source: Instagram