"A man is made into a dog by a way a woman presents herself to a man."

During an informative interview with HHS1987, minister Louis Farrakhan spoke on the way women are portrayed in the media, and how men can "manage" them so that they're not tempted by a woman wearing revealing outfits. "How can a man think straight looking at the beauty of Beyonce?," the minister asks. "Jay Z is a good man - Jay Z is a good manager. But now, your woman is on display. Do you want men looking at your women, being tempted by your woman, to make advances at your women?," he continues. "As much as I love and admire him, man I, I wanna see my sister beautifully covered."

The Islamic leader also spoke on Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and the way they excessively flaunt their assets. "Who wouldn't want to be with Rihanna? Who wouldn't want to be wiith Nicki Minaj? These are talented women but you strip them. Their bodies become the tool that is being used to promote the degradation of the women and the subjugation of a man. All of this has to change."

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