"Casting call a** n****, your whole life is fake / your name Aubrey in the 6, they ain't call ya Drake."

Last night Houston rapper Sauce Walka released a diss track aimed at Drake, reportedly because the "6 God" stole him and Sancho Saucy of The Sauce Twinz's style. "Degrassi' got cut and put ya life on hold / So you came to H-Town and started riding that pole," Sauce Walka raps on "Wack 2 Wack (Drake Disstruction)." "Ol' geek ass n***a, like, 'What is that? Syrup?' / All in Treasures, spending ya money on these b*tches, you perv/ And I ain't talking about dancers, you were paying for p***y / I was pimpin' so I knew about the sh**, little rookie,' he continues.

Sauce Walka also calls out Drake for kissing Madonna, being "a culture vulture," and "getting rich off stealing flavor." "Nah, lil' b**** you a rap fraud / You used to draw Digimons and Pokemon / And draw lil d***s on the paper, you Superbad / N**** you was tryna steal sauce, you super sad."

Back in May Drake responded to Sauce Walka's disapproval of his Houston Appreciation Weekend, letting Walka know he doesn't "give a f***." "This is a place that I love with all my heart. I'm trying to give you more than I ever took from you. F*** what them n****s talking about," Drake shouted to during a show.

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