More often than not an artist will go viral after putting out a catchy track. That's exactly what happened to Hamilton, Ohio rapper Slim Jesus, known for his popular song and video, "Drill Time."

The young up and comer is clearly inspired by Chicago drill artists, and he has no problem admitting it. Oddly enough, Slim Jesus says back in the day, his hometown was known as "little Chicago" due to Chi-town mobsters obtaining second homes there. When asked if he's about the life he raps about that Lil Bibby and other drill emcees may actually live, Slim is quick to say he's not dumb enough to squander his latest opportunity. "I'm not out here catching bodies and s***, obviously. Like, I'm f***ing smart," he tells DJ Vlad. "I realize that if you got an opportunity to get out of a spot, you shouldn't, you know, be f***ing around and catching bodies and s***."

Don't get it twisted, however - Slim Jesus will not get "caught lackin'." "For the most part on the street s***, like, I got homies that are in that s***, and I know people who are and people around me," he states.

Watch and find out how "Drill Time" got the media's attention and how artists like Lil Bibby, Amber Rose, Meek Mill and even Diddy himself (though he may have been heavily intoxicated) are riding his wave in our first Slim Jesus exclusive.