"America has a new f***ing dad - his name is Ja Rule."

That's right, folks. Rapper Ja Rule is about to show us a different side of him with his new television series, "Follow the Rules." Starring him and his family, Ja exclusively told us it's more of "a guide on how to get closer to their kids." "I think that's a really tough thing for parents because there's a big generational gap," he also pointed out, comparing today's parents to those from 20-30 years ago. "I want our kids to run to us not from us."

Ja's household is far from your average husband, wife, kids and dog combo. Aside from his 19-year-old daughter (who is currently away at college), Ja Rule lives with his wife, two teenage sons, his mother and his mother-in-law. "It's all of us under one roof," he explains, adding that his mom and in-law get along "like sisters." "They hang out together, they go out together, party together, drink together, look for men together...," he continues on with a laugh.

Ja Rule also wants "Follow the Rules" viewers to realize rappers aren't "just wild and crazy a**holes." "We are fathers and husbands and we take care of our household," he tells us. "This is Ja Rule like you've never seen him...As soon as I leave my door I'm Ja Rule. At home I'm me - I'm just being Jeff."

The Grammy-nominated rapper also told VladTV about how he "put a ATM machine in the house to teach the kids the value of money," one of the many things Ja Rule feels he does differently from other parents.

Be sure to watch the hilarious docu-series on MTV, premiering October 26 at 10 p.m.